Original Sounds Collective

August, 2023: Notting Hill Carnival is one of the biggest street festivals in the world with over 36 Sound Systems famously taking over every corner of W10. With more extraordinary female talent changing carnival sound system culture each year, Guinness celebrates the legendary and future female change makers with the ‘Original Sounds Collective’ to inspire more women to enter the scene. 

Developed in collaboration with Sound System DJ and Notting Hill Carnival pioneer, Linett Kamala, the initiative looks to bring change by launching a progressive grassroots mentorship programme. Created specifically for women in Sound Systems, the mentorship programme aims to inspire and enable more women to push Carnival culture forward.


Linett and other women in the sound system scene have come together to kick off this community-fist  initiative and will form the ‘Original Sounds Collective’. As mentors, they will champion and support those trying to break through in the Carnival space,  including up-and-coming sound system operators, DJs, and producers behind the stage. Supported by Guinness, the programme includes bespoke training, experiences, and access to new equipment. Linett will be a part of the mentor lineup alongside other legendary sound system icons, Dubplate Pearl and Ella’D .

Guinness’ support of the ‘Original Sounds Collective’ is born from the brand’s continued commitment to championing women, such as women’s rugby’s Never Settle initiative (an ongoing programme which celebrates diversity in rugby). This year Guinness is taking it one step further by identifying new areas in which to positively impact gender equality for women through Sound Systems. By supporting the formation of the collective, Guinness is helping to raise the profile of past, present and future women of Carnival by providing them with routes into the Carnival space.