Linett Kamala (b. 1970, London, U.K.)

Linett Kamala is unique as an interdisciplinary artist, having progressed to the top of the education profession in an executive position for a multi-academy trust, whilst still working as a creative.  Her personal educational journey and how it links with the life stories of others forms the basis for much of her work.

Kamala started painting in the early 1990s, initially exhibiting works in the streets of London, and studied at University of Arts London and University College London.

Her mainly monochrome paintings and sculptures merge collage with expressive hand script which she refers to as ‘freestyle calligraffiti’.  She draws inspiration from calligraphy, graffiti, music and abstract expressionism.  Her works predominantly use a black and white palette.

Her on-going project ‘State of Education’ takes the British education system as its focus by raising awareness of academic research and educational policies, whilst highlighting forgotten or untold stories.  By making use of current and historical artefacts, as well as educational documents in her work, Kamala seeks to encourage through a restorative lens reflection, conversation, debate and where appropriate, a call for action.

Her passion for enriching the lives of others through art, well-being and education is demonstrated by collaborations on creative projects with numerous organisations spanning over 30 years.

Her typical week is a mixture of painting in her studio, working on various education consultancy assignments, training senior school leaders and inspiring the next generation of artists through her art collective Lin Kam Art.   It is this mixture of interaction which informs and makes her work so relevant.

Her studio is based in Kilburn, North West London.

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