Artist and educator Linett Kamala will be in conversation with Mattie Loyce, Director of Project Mission Gallery discussing her new paintings ‘Courage’ and ‘Resilience’ which feature in the Voices from the Front Line* exhbition at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in Brixton.

As part of the evening Linett will give a tour of the exhibition and provide insight into her creative processes when making works which she describes as Freestyle Calligraffiti.

Linett has over 16 years experience as a senior leader within schools and will also talk about how the exhibition links to her on-going ‘State of Education’ project, activism in art and the Superwoman Schema theory.

All are welcome to attend.

* Voices from the Front Line explores an important aspect of Brixton’s heritage which is the political and social history of Railton road, known for being home to the Caribbean community in the post Windrush period and site of social uprisings in the 1980’s. Against a backdrop of increasing gentrification and social change the project aims to document the sites, personalities and events which have shaped the area.

As part of the investigation into this once contested space, beyond, during and after the 1980s the project asks: ‘What characterises the spirit of Railton Road, and, what does the space now mean for people who visited and lived on the street?’