Linett Kamala is a London based visual artist whose paintings merge abstraction with expressive hand script. She draws inspiration from the creative flow of graffiti tagging, as well as artists such as Jose Parla, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman and Jenny Holzer.

Throughout her work there are overlaps of critique, celebration and comedy. Her favourite themes are identity and the ‘state’ of the English education system. She is passionate about enriching the lives of others through art, well being and education.

She is unique as an artist, having worked at the top of the education profession in an executive position and gone on to document her experience through the visual art form.

Linett was told at the start of her teaching profession by her line manager “art teachers don’t become headteachers!” She not only went onto become a headteacher, but an education director for five schools and has trained, coached and mentored numerous headteachers and their teams who work in some of the most challenging schools in England.

Linett works as a visual artist, teacher of art and education consultant training headteachers and senior leaders.

Kamala (born 1970) studied at University of Arts London and University College London.  Her studio is based in Kilburn, northwest London.