Outreach art of Linett Kamala

Love Letter to Yourself

“I am the person I know best” – It is often said ‘you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself’.

Up to 40 participants took part in Linett Kamala’s calligraffiti workshop as part of an event which celebrated the Victoria and Albert Museum in London headline exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo – Making Herself Up (November 2018).

This was followed by a presentation in the auditorium entitled ‘Calligraffiti for Life’ in which Linett Kamala spoke about how the art of beautiful handwriting has influenced her creativity; a childhood love of calligraphy, the arrival during her teenage years of hip hop culture in the U.K., including graffiti art and how as an adult she realised the positive impact of using ‘freestyle calligraffiti’ as a way of making sense of her personal journey and coping with adversities.